Wednesday, March 16, 2016

CVNT5 Gave EDM the Trolling it Deserves

While trolling is generally a pretty terrible byproduct on the modern internet, sometimes it's pulled off in a way that deserves a stand ovation slow clap. What I'm talking about is C-V-N-T-5. I'll let you simmer on that for a minute as you figure out how it could be pronounced if the V was a U and the 5 was an S. Everything from the name, to the plot in the video below is a complete satire piece on countless "manufactured DJs" that have "made it big" in EDM. We're talking the ones who, for example, have someone else produce the actual music or buy twitter followers and manage to made it to the point that they headline festivals. Basically anyone deadmau5 has called our in the past may in fact fit this stereotype. But the duo of Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge executed brilliantly, while making a pretty solid track in the process. Enjoy the humor below and please, please, PLEASE check out their DOPE website (below) while you're at it...#CVNT5


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