Saturday, March 26, 2016

"Curiosity is the Key to My Frequency"

Over the past year or two, Kid Cudi has continued to make increasingly experimental music. There's always been some dabbling into alternative music, but he's ventured pretty far from the moody, yet strangely inspirational music that help solidify his fan base on Man on the Moon. Anybody who is a fan of Scotty knows that his penchant for pushing his own boundaries is part of what makes him such a unique artist. That being said, the amount of experimentation has largely pushed his music out of my life.

Then, today, a new track surfaced out of the blue that provided a huge sigh of relief. The thoughts of "he's back" came back to the forefront with the Plain Pat and Mike Dean assisted Frequency. The production sets the tone from the start, perfectly matching that moody, somber Cudi we all fell in love with. It provides the perfect setting for the gentle ebb and flow of emotions emanating from the choppy and emotional vocals. It's not anything like what we heard on Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven, which is a good thing. Join me in collectively hoping there will be a lot more like this in the future as Man on the Moon III draws nearer...#Frequency

Kid Cudi - Frequency (prod by Plain Pat & Mike Dean)


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