Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ten Days of Falling Finally Gets a Parachute

It's gotten to the point in electronic music that it's hard to be novel. That speaks to the meteoric rise that the genre has experienced, but like anything that becomes accepted by the masses, there's much more copying what works that truly deviating from the mean. When I think of deviating, it's remixes like the one below that stand out in my mind. Before digging in, press play below on the original version of Ten Days of Falling from Shlohmo...

If you're like me, you were struck by how dark and haunting the original sounds. To put it into context, it would seem perfect serving as a horror movie instrumental. Before you go thinking the remix is all bubble gum and rainbows in comparison, check yourself. It starts out just as haunting, but Baauer's use of a high pitched, soothing vocal sample provides a glimmer of light to an otherwise dark track. The rolling bass line creates an ethereal feel to the remix and makes it a lot more easy on the ears. Even though the lack of vocals on both versions result in something that sounds like more of a musical composition than your average single, I'm really digging how well Baauer turned creepy looking lemons into lemonade with this one...#TenDaysOfFalling

schlomo - Ten Days of Falling (Baauer Remix)


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