Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cola, Curry and Djemba Come Together as One

Djemba Djemba is on a roll this week! First they gave into the moment all over again with Kiesza and now they're back on the grind flipping Cola Splash's recent track Curry Drinker. Check the original below for reference...

In comparison, Djemba's version bounces and clangs it's way into your heart, putting more emphasis on the chopped up, high pitched vocals. If you listened to both, they're not too far off, which is why it's one of those rare times you may listen to the original above and be scratching your head. Still, if you dig in enough, you'll unearth a bit more melody in the remix, which is why I would most definitely call it my favorite of the two versions...#CurryDrinker

Cola Splash - Curry Drinker (Djemba Djemba Remix)


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