Friday, December 11, 2015

Videos of the Week December 11th

Overall a fun and crazy diverse top five this week. I can safely say that all videos not including Lexy Pantera will be fighting for the runner up spot this week. No words are needed to set up Lexy's twerkfest to DJ Snake's Middle. I mean even ladies gotta slow clap to her ability to dance and put on a show, right?

In the land of music videos, The Weeknd went all artsy on us with his In the Night video that featured his girlfriend Bella Hadid. Speaking of the night, Nero blessed Into the Night with some animated, futuristic visuals. Then Baauer blew all of our minds with what appears to be free falling car sex? Not sure about all that craziness, but what I am sure about is Jim Gaffigan's ability to produce gift ideas. Needless to say, this week's top five ends on a lighthearted note...#HolidayGiftGuide
Lexy Pantera Twerk Freestyling to DJ Snake's Middle

The Weeknd - In the Night (Video)

Nero - Into the Night (Video)

Baauer - GoGo! (Video)

Jim Gaffigan's Holiday Gift Guide on Fallon

Video Credit: YouTube


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