Saturday, December 05, 2015

Djemba Wants You to Just Give It To The Moment

Remixing the original version of your own track is becoming a popular thing to do these days. While it might be easy to knock DJs for continuing to recycle rather than coming up with new material, I've been a big fan of the majority of the re-creations. If you'd like to add another to the list of re-creations, Djemba Djemba's newly flipped version of Give It To The Moment deserves it's fair share of limelight. Before giving the new version a chance, check out the original below...

Where the original allows Kiesza to shine with a more gradual tempo, the remix is much faster and trappy. Both are great productions by Djemba Djemba, but I'm a sucker for the chipmunk samples and bouncy bass, so if you pushed me to pick one I'd go with the newer version. Head on over to Djemba's site for the free DL while it's still up...#GITTM

Kiesza Ft. Djemba Djemba – Give It To The Moment


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