Sunday, December 13, 2015

Foxes Comes Through With a Power Ballad

It's been well over a year since I posted an emotional power ballad. That's less of an indiction of where my music tastes have drifted and more of an indictment on the shrinking number of vocalists capable of creating a song as heart-wrenching as the one below. Almost exactly two years to the day, I posted Foxes powerful debut single Holding Onto Heaven and since then I've always kept an ear out for new material from her. Since then she hasn't let up, releasing a handful of singles, none more powerful than If Leave Me Now.

If you haven't heard the original, that's fine because the video version does the song better justice anyways. Sure, the vocals are incredible in their own right, but the orchestra assist is what takes it over the top. The strings, piano and steady beat all combine to create a mix of somber and exhilarating. Tip of the cap to Foxes for reinvigorating my love for ballads with this one...#IfYouLeaveMeNow


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