Monday, December 14, 2015

GRIZ With More Sax on Sax on Sax

The world of EDM needs more sax! Lucky for us, GRiZ is equipped with just futuristic funk we need. Sticking with the trend of refreshing original creations, GRiZ pushed the reset button on one of his better tracks, A Fine Way to Die. Below is the original because I know you enjoy it when I include the original for reference...

If you like layers of funk on top of funk, you'll enjoy the new version of the track. Where the original was more chill funk, the newer version seems a bit more danceable. Plus, anytime you add more sax to an already saxy beat, good things happen. Don't be bashful, head on over to cop this fine little creation for free.50...#AFineWayToDie

GRiZ - A Fine Way To Die (GRiZ Remix)


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