Thursday, December 10, 2015

Funk With Me Gets Funkier and Doesn't Funk Around

Is there such a thing a being too much or too over the top in EDM? Normally, I'd say no way, the unbridled energy is what makes electronic music so appealing. Then, I listened to Snails and Big Gigantic's VIP mix of their track Funk With Me. You wanna talk about hitting the gas pedal and keeping it on the floor for a full two and a half minutes! Although I appreciate the trappy beat breakdowns sprinkled in the mix, the sax is almost completely extinguished in favor of balls-to-the-wall, ear-rattling synths. Tonight I may have finally reached old man status because this one was a big much for my taste. Who knows, maybe it'll tickle your fancy, though. There's no denying it packs a punch, so by all means, if your latest playlist needs a jolt of energy, this one will more than do the trick...#FunkWithMeVIP

Snails Ft. Big Gigantic - Funk With Me (VIP)


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