Thursday, December 31, 2015

Alesso's Anthem is What You Need for New Years

If you're sitting at home right now making a playlist for your New Years party, quick cop this one and put it on that mix. Alesso's Anthem is available for free download for the next 24 hours before you'll have to spend your hard earned $1.00 on iTunes tomorrow. I'm not exactly sold on it being strong enough to justify it's song title, but there's a catchy, Far East Movement-esque sample that works well with the speaker thumping bass. My favorite part of the track is the beat breakdown around the 2:50 mark. The deceleration from upbeat progressive house to a slower, trappier sound was a cool change of pace.

As a bit of icing on the cake, Alesso put together a nice two and a half minute video of highlights from 2015. Have fun tonight, y'all, catch you next year...#Anthem

Alesso - Anthem


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