Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Sometimes You're Shootin' Broken Arrows in the Dark"

I'm not usually one to post podcast rips of tracks, but then again, it's not everyday that Avicii teams up with Zac Brown Band. Following the trademark "Newgrass" sound that he blazed a trail with on True, Broken Arrows is equal parts jubilant synth chords and folk vocals. To put it simply, it sounds very "Avicii" and that's very "awesome." You better believe I'll be impatiently awaiting the official release of this track because it just dumped an entire tank of jet fuel on the already flaming excitement I had for Avicii's upcoming album Stories. Apologies in advance to everyone at work tomorrow for attempting in vain to subdue my excitement for this track as I pretend to sing it with headphones on at my desk...#BrokenArrows

Avicii feat Zac Brown Band - Broken Arrows (Le7els Podcast Rip)


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