Monday, July 01, 2013

"Shorty Got Grilled Like Chipotle"

I've heard Mariah and Miguel's #Beautiful on the radio at least four or five times now. Every time I hear it, I think to myself, "man I really like this track, I should put that on a playlist." For some reason it has never made it to a playlist, but now that the track has gotten remixed by Jeezy, A$AP, even gotten the Spanglish treatment, it's finally going to make it's debut this week.

Sure, on first glance you might think, "he;s only posting the A$AP remix because of the Chipotle line." While I was entertained by it, I'm gonna give a lot of the credit to Dat PMF for lacing the remix similar to the way he did on Rihanna's Cockiness. A$AP's low-key bars fit well over the Sittin' By the Dock of the Bay style beat. Successful remixes take original versions to another level and that's exactly what happened below...#Beautiful

Mariah Carey feat Miguel & A$AP Rocky - #Beautiful (Remix)


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