Thursday, July 11, 2013

"All I Want To Be Is a Little Bit of Certainty"

What once seemed novel now seems like a quick developing trend. Last night I waxed rhapsodic about Kill Paris's new EDM/R&B blended single as if it was the next big thing. Evidently he's not the only one headed down that path as Duke Dumont's new track resonates in a similarly soulful, but electronic way with the help of MNEK. To be honest, he sounded like Sam Smith for a minute, which is a hell of a compliment because that dude can SING!

Hold On succeeds in large part because of the contrast between the catchy upbeat rhythms and soulful vocals. It's not an easy thing to pull off, which is why I'm still a captivated by it. Whether it's EDM mixed with country or EDM mixed with R&B, I'm enjoying the different sub-genres that are forming as a result of electronic music becoming prevalent in pop music....#HoldOn

Duke Dumont feat MNEK - Hold On


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