Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Everybody Knows He Ain't Just Tought, He's Strong"

Hang with me for a min as I take a trip off the usual Hip Hop/EDM wagon. Unbeknownst to a lot of you, I've been a huge Will Hoge fan for about a decade now, which goes contrary to me disliking country music as a genre. To be fair, I wouldn't really classify Will as a country singer. In my eyes, he's a southern rock artist who is really good at crafting ballads. His southern twang sure makes his music sound country at times, but in the same way I jive with Kid Cudi because he makes sad and at times moody music, I feel the same way about The Man Who Killed Love.

Even though Will's most recent recognition by the music industry came in the form of a Grammy nomination as a songwriter, he can still make great music himself. Case in point his new single, Strong, that you may have already heard in the latest Chevrolet commercial...

Pretty cool to hear the story behind how one thing led to another and then his track ends up on the desk on someone at Chevy, then book got the opportunity to be the music behind their new 2014 campaign. After listening to the track, you'll understand why Chevy jumped at it. It has damn near every adjective that you could think of that you'd associate with the brand and he even mentions trucks in the song. Sure, it almost drifts uncomfortably close to country for my tastes, but if you gave a listen to the modern day classic that is Blackbird on a Lonely Wire, you'd understand why I will forever be a Will Hoge supporter...#SilveradoStrong

Will Hoge - Strong


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