Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Sometimes Even Thugs Fall"

Even though The Runners haven't been churning out songs like they did in their heyday a few years back, I'm still a big believer in everything they touch. If you were to tell me that a hook by Kevin Cossom is included on a track they produced, you could be Joe Schmo from the corner bodega and I'd still give the track a serious listen. What's great is that Ace Hood is much better than Joe Schmo and he just released a new album this past week called Trials & Tribulations. Call it a thug ballad if you will, it's a new school slow jam that has a healthy mix of bars, a great hook and smooth production.

If you're buying the album on iTunes, don't expect to see them gem below on it. Instead you'll need to go to Target because the suits need to give you just a little more incentive to spend a few extra bucks on the music. What fun would it be anyways if you could buy it for $1.29 on iTunes anyway?...#BrokenBusinessModel

Ace Hood feat Kevin Cossom - Thugs Fall (prod by The Runners)


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