Wednesday, July 03, 2013

"Pay All Your Bills, Bet You Are a Zombie"

On Monday, Scotty let loose a freebie out of the blue in the form of Going to the Ceremony...
The track is presumably a WZRD throw away, but it's every bit as dark and lyrically depressing as you'd expect from him. The rock flavor of the track explains the WZRD branding, but it serves as a sufficient outlet for him to let out his struggles.

Anybody else itching for a Cudi tour? I missed out on the college tour this spring, so lately I've found myself going to his website more than once over the past month in search of good news, but coming up empty on the tour front. I get that he was trying to get at his younger audience, but I've been hoping for a more large scale effort to get out and share Indicud. I still haven't found a track as genuinely likable as his collabo with the sisters Haim. Someday I will hear that track in concert, you can take that to the bank...#BetDat

Kid Cudi - Going to the Ceremony


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