Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"But I Fumbled it When it Came Down to the Wire"

As I sit here impatiently tapping my foot waiting for a debut album from Haim, I can't help but be momentarily appeased by their new single The Wire. The sisters have a truly unique and engaging vocal delivery that's eerily magnetic. I'll admit, after the first few seconds I immediately thought, is this an Eagles Heartache Tonight spin off? Then it took a left turn around the ten second mark, paving it's own unique path with the help of a bubbly, synth guitar driven beat.

Even if you aren't feeling Haim's music, you can't deny they have a fun, light-hearted vibe that's hard to dislike. Their combination of throwback R&B with indie/folk is unique in the cookie cutter music industry. The single below is set for a September 23rd release, which seems like years away. Let's just hope Wikipedia is correct in stating that "In June 2013 they finished their album, which will be available in September."...#TheWire

Haim - The Wire


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