Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"D Boy Drug Dealer Look, Billionaire"

It seems like every day since Magna Carta Holy Grail was released has brought a new piece of bad news. First there was the uproar surround whether or not a company could buy an album to platinum status, then the Samsung app had issues crashing and now it appears that Samsung wants just about every piece of information about you in exchange for getting to use the app, which has the FTC launching a formal investigation. Yikes, good thing @s_c_ can brush these 99 problems off because he's reppin' the likes of Robinson Cano and Kevin Durant.

Business aside, Magna Carta is clearly a well-sculpted album. Sure, when you've got some of the best producers in the game backing one of the most polished rappers of my generation, it's hard to go wrong. After a few listens, there hasn't been a track on the album that managed to get stuck on repeat, but BBC has gotten the closest. The head nod worthy production by Pharrell mixed with verses from Hov and Nas is a tough combination to top. When listening to the track, it's not a surprise at all that Jay-Z anointed it as the track that was the most fun he had making. Take note artists, when you have fun making music, the end result shows!...#MagnaCartaHolyGrail

Jay-Z feat Nas & Timbaland - BBC (prod by Pharrell)


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