Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Kept My Phone on Silent Every Since You Got a Ring"

I know Big Sean catches a lot of flack for mixing the singing with rapping, but there aren't many artists who can do what he does. In my eyes there are five artists in Hip Hop that can legitimately story-tell with a mix of singing and rapping: Big Sean, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, B.O.B. and Kid Cudi. I wouldn't go as far as to say I like Big Sean's music as much as the other four, but it's between him and Kendrick Lamar for my Live Starting Five in Hip Hop.

With his recent release of Beware, Sean Don will be three singles deep on his upcoming album, Hall of Fame, due out August 27th. It's become really hard to get away from his first single (Guap), I wasn't a big fan of Switch Up, but I'm really liking his new one. With a memorable, but simple beat by KeY Wane, a characteristically witty 16 for Lil Wayne and some harmony for Jhene, Beware hits the mark as a mellow warning for all those fellas out there breaking hearts. If you're a fan of quippy, light-hearted, stream of consciousness Hip Hop, you'll be entertained by the track below. Mark it down, August 27th...when Big Sean proves that there is no such thing a a sophomore slump...#FFOE

Big Sean feat Lil Wayne & Jhene Aiko - Beware (prod by KeY Wane)


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