Saturday, July 06, 2013

"Sippin' From the Cup Til it Runeth Over, Holy Grail"

Now that Magna Carta Holy Grail has gone platinum before release and found it's way into Salisbury Cathedral in England right next to the part of the original Magna Carta. Talk about taking creative promotion to another level!

Between Kanye debuting his videos around the world on buildings and Jiggaman taking his album title metaphor to a level not previously reached, it makes you wonder what limits the duo will go to in 2014 when Watch the Throne 2 drops.

As far as the lead track is concerned, between the production by Timbaland, writing by The Dream, vocals by Justin Timberlake and Nirvana lyric sample, it's a lot to take in. JT damn near steals the show with his 1:20 min lead in and memorable hook. It's a buttoned-up track that has a distinct beginning, middle and end, which exhibits a level of sophistication that most artists would be lucky to reach. While the reviews range from lukewarm to critical to impressed by it's lyrical depth, it sounds like Magna Carta is at the very least struggling to live up to the massive hype that came before it. Maybe it's because people are a little uneasy with the way he released it through Samsung, maybe it's the lack of lead time or singles, maybe it's because of the almost daily release of song lyrics prior to people being able to hear the songs. Either way, this is going to be a trail blazing type of event because nobody has ever released an album the way he's doing it with Magna Carta. As a reminder, for non-Samsung users, MCHG hits iTunes on Monday...#MCHG

Jay-z feat Justin Timberlake - Holy Grail (prod by The Dream & Timbaland)


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