Thursday, December 13, 2012

"She Know My Time Short But My Money Hella Long"

Slightly below the mainstream Hip Hop radar has been where @rockiefresh has been living for the past couple years. He's been one of those names that I've kept my eye out for because a couple of my friends whose musical opinion I trust spoke very highly of him. Nowadays he's far from a secret as he got snatched up by @rickyrozay's MMG label last summer. Before I tell you how I feel about him, feel free to form your own opinion of him based on the visuals below...

First off, solid move incorporating the DeLorean in the video for Nobody. You open up your audience base by factor of 100 when you introduce cult artifacts like that in an visually pleasing way.

As far as the track is concerned, it's a perfect example of how far Hip Hop has evolved as a genre. It's gotten to a point where artists feel comfortable producing a pop or electronic beat with a melodic hook while still coming hard on the verses. One of the best parts about the track is the sultry and emotional hook that @ClareMaguire chipped in. She deserves more dap for the success of the track, shame on the internet for not shouting her out on the feature.

Hook aside, the concoction of different sounds into a Hop Hop track is really interesting to me. For example, lyrically you just didn't hear a rapper calmly spitting bars like "Fresh n****a so you know I need a clean b***h, Who know I’m working ‘cause I wanna see my team rich" over a soft piano beat a couple of years ago. It took the likes of @Drake and @asvpxrocky to stylistically create a culture where it's cool to mix in things like harmony or a guitar riff or a synthesizer to hike up the aesthetic appeal and eliminate the roughness around the edges that Hip Hop had traditionally been marred with. It's not surprising to me one bit that Rockie has gotten a lot of his musical inspiration from the likes of pop/rock stars like @PatrickStump and @JoelMadden.

The track below is scheduled to surface on January 21st when his debut mixtape release for MMG titled Electric Highway drops. Based solely on the track below, the mixtape has gotten my attention and deserves a listen...#ElectricHighway

Rockie Fresh feat Claire Maguire - Nobody


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