Saturday, December 22, 2012

"If I Lose Myself Tonight, It'll Be
You and I"

I know it's not just me noticing this, but this week especially it seems like every artist that hasn't dipped their toe in electronica yet, did so this week. From Childish Gambino to Lil Wayne/YMCMB and now @OneRepublic who managed to incorporate some upbeat synths into their usual ballad. With Ryan Tedder at the helm, you know you're going to get consistently well written and produced track with great vocals, but I like that they went outside their usual sound on If I Lose Myself.

Their new single isn't the only great thing that One Republic has done this week either. They managed to raise over $73,000 for Newtowns' victims families (as of Tuesday). Check their video below addressing the issue and asking folks to donate...

Kudos guys, that was a good message and I'm hoping that they did in some way ease the financial burden on those unfortunate families.

The track below is going to surface on One Republic's new Native album due out some time in early 2013. It's hard to argue against their consistency in churning out chart topping singles and their new one is no exception to that statement...#Quality

One Republic - If I Lose Myself


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