Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mikey Posner Takes Us Back Home For the Holidays

Being around family is what it's all about during the holidays. For many that means going back to where they grew up or back home. That being said, it seems like @MikePosner has been Johnny on the spot when it comes to capturing the collective emotions of people of late. Between the Newtown shooting and his new track Back Home featuring @Chip216, he's been there to give us a free slice of perspective, which has been appreciated.

As a quick aside, I appreciate the home-made cover art whenever it is available. The image he provided showing on a boarding pass with Happy Holidays and the track name meshed well with the nostalgic feel of the track. It tells me he values design and get the impact of experience when it comes to music. Even better, rarely do we ever get a stripped down piano driven acoustic R&B/Hip Hop track. Well done Mr. Posner, thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays sir...#MidwestLove

Mike Posner feat King Chip - Back Home (Acoustic)


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