Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Don't Trip We'll Get Back Up"

Crisp and on point are two adjectives that would be the foundation for trying to describe the production skills of @Chuckisdope. His beats are so fresh you'd think he harvested them straight from a garden of beats growing in the backyard. Other than the fact that Chuck sees @RetchyP & @HeirDash as his youngns, I really have no idea who they are. Still, they sound awesome on Four 12's and that's largely do to the dopeness of the beat. Check the newly minted visuals below...

No concrete release date on Chuck's upcoming album Convertibles, but word has it the album is done and is waiting to be released. If that's true, the beginning on 2013 may be better than expected...#ChuckisDope

Chuck Inglish feat Da$h & Retch - Four 12's


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