Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Larry Lovestein Style

Usually on Christmas Day the last thing I'm thinking about is writing a post because I'm spending some quality time with the fam. It just so happens that in looking for something Christmas related to quick post tonight, I came across a new track by @macmiller featuring @ArianaGrande aka Nickelodeon star Cat Valentine. Evidently she recently released a single called Do You Love Me? featuring @SkysNuts and it will be on her debut studio album called Daydreamin' in early 2013. Not sure yet what her tie is with Mac, but it's an interesting collabo to say the least.

What's most entertaining about the track is Mac's alter ego @SweetLarryLove, who is an aspiring vocalist. Simply put, Ariana has an angelic voice and Mac is still a great rapper. Not sure if Larry is going to make it as a singer, but he did provide some entertainment value to me on Christmas day and that's about all I could ask for...#MerryChristmasYall

Mac Miller feat Ariana Grande - Baby's It's Cold Outside


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