Monday, December 17, 2012

"I Woke Up As Your Friend"

It's official, @rihanna and @chrisbrown have officially become the new Bobby and Whitney. If you swap the drug abuse in Bobby/Whitney's relationship for the domestic/emotional abuse in CB/Rihanna's they'd look like younger mirror images. What's most unnerving about it is how control in the relationship or lack thereof swings like a pendulum based on what day it is.

I bring this up because they're at it again in the media. The million dollar question seems to be how does a relationship end when it never officially restarted? Even better when a dude is trying to date another gorgeous women while hooking up with others, is it a good idea to post pictures saying how much you miss him, then give him an ultimatum demanding he choose you or the other woman? I don't have an answer to that, but what I do know is that much has been made of Ri Ri's sexual wizardry becoming folklore in Hip Hop circles. My question is, if Rihanna is able to put men under spells with her succubus ways, what does that make Chris Brown if he can both physically and mentally control her? Is it time we start giving CB credit for his relentlessly pimpin ways?

Relationship drama aside, I'm really digging Chris's upbeat new track featuring @djafrojack with the perfectly appropriate title As Your Friend. Wouldn't it be perfect if Rihanna recorded an alternate version of the track below and officially released it as a single? Wait a minute, that's already happening??? #IGiveUp

Chris Brown - As Your Friend (prod by Afrojack)


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