Sunday, December 30, 2012

"I'm On That Good Kush and Alcohol"

When @liltunchi releases a new single, the blogosphere momentarily stops what it's doing to post it, no matter how good it is. That includes an initial tagged version of a track, which leaves the internet unsatisfied as a whole and very eager for the CDQ. Luckily for us, that whole cycle happened in one day, so we weren't left with a badly tagged taste in our mouths.

Once the CDQ drops, the real question then becomes whether the track is likeable or not. Keepin' it 100, I don't like the track at all. I know I'm going against my mantra of only posting tracks that I like, but exceptions are made when it has the buzz of a new Wayne single. Maybe it's because the made for strip club beats by @MikeWiLLMadeIt are getting a little tired, maybe it's because I still have no clue why @1future keeps getting features, maybe it's because @drake and @liltunchi bring absolutely no one liners. Tracks like this make me wonder if Hip Hop will ever evolve into a culture that doesn't need to refer to women as b*tches and hoes to be "cool." Sadly, it's still a big part of the culture and probably will be as long as people keep buying the records, going to the strip clubs and perpetuating the misogyny.

On the bring side, Wayne's new album I Am Not a Human Being II is set to drop on February 19th. I'm betting hoping that this will end up being a filler track amid stacked tracklist...#IANAHBII

Lil Wayne feat Drake, Future - Good Kush & Alcohol (prod by Mike Will)


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