Saturday, December 29, 2012

"I Could Be the One To Make You Feel That Way"

Almost a year ago I posted an unfinished version of @avicii and @nickyromero's then titled song ID (F*** School). It would appear they finally put some vocals over the instrumental and are going to release it as a single titled I Could Be the One. This week they released a strangely entertaining video for the track (below)...

Between the video above and Avicii's video for Levels, I'm starting to appreciate the down-to-earthness of the characters in his videos. Using completely average looking people to tell quirky stories is different, especially in a day and age of the "video girl." I won't ruin it completely, but the twist at the end of the I Could Be the One video was pretty entertaining.

This track should be on any and every New Years Eve playlist if the crowd is under 30 years old. The instrumental in on the level of Levels, which should allow it to find it's way onto Top 40 radio in the US. Both Nick and Tim are great on their own, but nobody can mess with #NickTim.

Avicii vs Nicky Romero - I Could Be the One (Radio Edit)


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