Monday, December 10, 2012

"It's Funny How the Be-loved Become the Be-headed"

Never one to shy away from being different, @bigboi somehow found a way to inject a little Indie rock track into his new album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. Before you go too far judging, let me make it really clear how much I like his new track Shoes for Running.

For starters, it features stellar verses from both Sir Lucious himself and also @bobatl, who managed to come through with a memorably witty verse.Obviously the @wavves feature and production credits being attributed to their lead singer Nathan Williams will stand out to any Hip Hop fan who listens to this track. I'm not very familiar with their music or style, but what I do know is that their noise rock mixed with Hip Hop is absolutely forward thinking and genius. It doesn't surprise me in the least bit that Big Boi is the one pushing the boundaries of Hip Hop, but that doesn't mean I'm not impressed by the outcome. His new album hits stores tomorrow and it almost deserves copping just for this track. I wish more Hip Hop artists had the vision or creativity or balls that Big Boi does because it's a breath of mountain fresh air...#IndieHipHopMarriage

Big Boi feat Wavves & B.O.B. - Shoes for Running (prod by Nathan Williams)


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