Monday, December 03, 2012

"She Hates Me, But I'ma Make Her
Love Me"

Somehow @ducidni managed to transpose his melancholy vibe into @BigBoi's new album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. In a very determined way, both talented storytellers weave together a heartfelt, easily accessible tale about doing someone wrong and then doing what you can to get back to even ground.

What I like most about the track is the slow Cudi-style beat that invites you into the lyrics. I can't quite pin down the element of the beat that draws me into the story, but it's engaging. I'm biased because I have the utmost respect for both artists, but I'm impressed by what they were able to create together. Tracks like this that are very different from what Big Boi would usually put on an album make me hopeful that I'll be pleasantly surprised when his new album drops in a week. Check the video below for some inspiration...#ViciousLies

Big Boi feat Kid Cudi - She Hates Me


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