Saturday, December 15, 2012

Remembering Sandy Hook: "Maybe This Will Make Sense in Heaven"

Today we're all still watching the news trying to make sense of what happened yesterday at Sandy Hook elementary. It's really hard not to get sucked into the heart wrenching stories that are emerging from the families that had one more member just yesterday. It's like the kid who killed everyone morphed into a cyborg that's incapable of emotion for day and his internal circuits just flipped. Seeing the names of the deceased who are overwhelmingly female, it just doesn't make sense to anyone who is capable of having emotion.

The tragedy is something that hits everyone on the same level, regardless of whether everyone knows you and you're famous or nobody knows you outside of your town. I have a lot of respect for @MikePosner who decided to do his best to put a less somber tone to the madness with his song Heaven. Today he took to twitter and said the following:
He offered further explanation on his Soundcloud page saying:
I wanted to do SOMETHING for the families and I didn’t know what else to do. Ed Sheeran’s guitar played at the exact moment I heard about the tragedy. The song came out of me faster than any before. It felt wrong not to share it. I hope this finds its way to the proper ears at the proper time. God Bless you. I’m so grateful to be alive. Maybe this terrible day will make sense in Heaven.
The song below doesn't make sense of it all or even say anything profound that will make it all better. What it does communicate, though, is that everyone is in the same boat as far as trying to comprehend. I like that Mikey preached a message steeped in faith and offered a slice of positivity in saying that "maybe this will make sense in heaven." His upbeat two minute slice of good faith won't help us grieve or understand, but it does attempt to unify by putting us all in one big boat and for that he deserves credit...#PrayForNewton

Mike Posner - Heaven (Tribute to Sandy Hook)


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