Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Hey Jasmin Shake What Ya Momma Gave"

There are some things I will never understand like why we don't find a way to use farts for energy? Yea, that's right continuous farting for six years and nine months would equal the same amount of energy given off by an atomic bomb. How about the fact that British people are drunk in about 76% of their Facebook photos? Pretty crazy right?

Somewhere in between those two amazing facts lies @official_flo's new track Hey Jasmine with @davidguetta. Why is it amazing you ask? Because it's not even going to make the cut for his new album Wild Ones that came out last week. This one ranks up there with @bobatl's version of Not Lost that still has yet to make the cut as a album bonus track or iTunes single. I have a feeling Flo will find a way to get this one on iTunes as some people because he went as far as creating a video for the song despite not releasing it.

If you're not sure what Miami club life entails, the video for this track should give you enough of an idea. It just might be the sweat capitol of the club world, but there's something innately hot about that. #AyePapi

Flo Rida - Hey Jasmin (prod by David Guetta)


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