Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"To These Rappers I Apologize, I Know it Ain't Fair"

It sounds crazy, but this year @Pitbull is set to release his seventh studio album in 2012. The album is going to be titled Global Warming and Get it Started will serve as the lead single. The song is every bit as upbeat as you'd expect, but it's a little less south Florida club and a little more pop/EDM. The sound of the track is a direct result of an epic production combination of @RedOne_Official (pop/dance) and @djafrojack (EDM).

Better put the high milage tires on this one because it's going to get plenty of time on the open road of top 40 radio. I'm not sure whether it helped or hurt the track to have @shakira on the hook, but I will say it was different from what Pitbull usually puts together. Put it this way, she wouldn't have been my first choice (despite her unique voice and high powered vocals), but I like that Mr. Worldwide did something different and deviated from the usual course. Mixing it up is never a bad thing when you're releasing an album a year like Pit. In my eyes, the best we can hope for is a mix of new and old sounds on #GlobalWarming.

Pitbull feat Shakira - Get it Started (prod by RedOne & Afrojack)


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