Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tune in to Channel Orange for Pyramids

Ever since Nostalgia Ultra caught fire and began the cult following of @frank_ocean, we've been waiting for a debut studio album. It would appear we may get our wish soon with Frank's Channel Orange due out on July 17th. Feel free and peruse the trailer below...
What's unique and even a little alarming is Pyramids is every bit of ten minutes long! It goes from melodic to groovy with a little bit of electronics and plenty of smooth rhythms to end the track. In wondering where he's going with his lead single, I'm quickly excited because of the tweet he let loose last week.
Sounds like Frank is hyping up the live version, which piques my interest a bit. We'll see if I can get out and see him during his Channel Orange tour this summer. I'd suggest you do the same and if you're still wondering who he is as you're reading this then you must not have attended the Church in the Wild...#GetWithTheProgram

Frank Ocean - Pyramids


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