Saturday, June 02, 2012

Knife Party's Dubstep Cenitpede

The track below may be the first time an artist or group has ever imaginatively crafted an onomatopoeia through dubstep. At first I thought the intro to the track was a little National Geographic style dull and didn't really do much for the track, but after a a few listens, I can appreciate how it kicks the door open to your imagination. The fan made video below was very necessary since it provided the visuals that we all pictured while listening to the intro...

The way I see it, if somebody doesn't make a 3D horror movie based on the track below, then Hollywood doesn't like electronic music as much as I thought.

The track recently surfaced on @knifepartyinc's new four song Rage Valley EP that dropped last week on Beatport. If the whole genre of EDM has anything to do with it, Beatport will continue to grow in popularity as an alternative to iTunes. No, I'm not saying they'll ever be anywhere close, but when I do a search for EDM tracks and they don't show up on iTunes and they're posted on Beatport, that means something.

Key takeaway from this post is that when it comes to high octane dubstep, Knife Party should be one of the groups you think of first. Oh an if you don't like creepy insects, this song and general post probably isn't for you...#ProblyShouldHaveSaidThatFirst

Knife Party - Centipede


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