Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Got a Mad Hatter Swagger, Boy I'm Stupid Dumb Sick"

"Go get it, stay about my business
Ball til I fall, flossin' til I finish"

With the release of @tip's new album Trouble Man steadily approaching and two singles already in the bank (Love This Life and Like That), now seems like a good time to let loose with #3. Similar to Like That, Go Get It is a high powered, bass aided trap anthem centered around stacking bills to the ceiling like a true hustler. Serious dap is in order for @ProducerTMinus who laced the beat with enough bass to feed a small orphanage. If you like the bouncy, loud and in your face singles T.I. let's loose, this one is for you.

Trouble Man is going to be the 8th studio album for T.I. and is slated to drop on September 4th. To this date, I haven't heard a track as good as Castle Walls or Poppin' Bottles, so my expectations aren't as high for his new one. That doesn't mean it won't be an awesome album, but all I'm trying to do is give you the forecast based on what I know so far...#TimeWillTell

T.I. - Go Get It (prod by T-Minus)


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