Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two Million Likes = One Free Song

I've always wondered, what happens when you hit one or two million likes on Facebook? Do you get some sort of trophy or become verified like folks on Twitter? Well, the answer is absolutely nothing cool happens, but it's something any one of us would brag about if given the chance. Rather than boasting, @avicii took to Facebook to give the fans a freebie...

Yea Two Million isn't not your garden variety free track that fell off the wagon. It's a legit club track that is marked by ringing synthesizers that would incite the lamest of crowds. Even better he threw in a fun soundbite around the 5:04 mark for you close listeners out there. I thought it was cool because just as the song starts letting down the landing gear preparing to land, all the sudden you get a fun clip and a quick beat revival.

Consistently awesome EDM is what Avicii brings to the table. There is little to no half steppin' when it comes to making great dance music for the 22 year old Tim Bergling. Is there any doubt he's one of the top 5 electronic DJs out right now? #HellToTheNaw

Avicii - Two Million (Original Mix)


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