Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"You Can Tell By the Swagger and the Lips"

The track below is one of the most publicized and talked about collaborations of the past six months. There were interviews, an in-studio preview, a snippet, and a subsequent last second removal of the track from a mixtape that further fueled the intrigue. More specifically, the track was going to be included on @thekickdrums mixtape Follow the Leaders, but was pulled at the last minute by the suits because of the attention it was garnering.

The night and day, polar opposite effect that comes from @lanadelray and @asvpxrocky collaborating is probably where most of the intrigue comes from. It seems like the world is downright curious about Lana Del Rey and collaborating with an up and coming Hip Hop star gives her a wide range of visibility. The best part about it, the track is every bit as different as you'd expect. The subdued beat, quirky harmony from Lana, screwed up hook and smooth verse from A$AP is crazy unique and hard to ignore.

The track is supposed to land on A$AP's debut album LongLiveA$AP that will presumably drop by the end of 2012. The collaboration doesn't end there, though, as Lana took full advantage of the attention being given to the first collaboration with A$AP by weaving an interesting JFK remake in her National Anthem video (below)...
No denying the level of creative thought that went into that video, although it does take a small leap of faith to fully wrap your head around it. Regardless, it definitely has the interenet talking, which is more than half the battle and a big reason why Lana is so relevant...#NoSuchThingAsBadPress

The Kickdrums feat A$AP Rocky & Lana Del Rey - Ridin


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