Friday, June 01, 2012

Videos of the Week June 1st

For starters, I really hope you're entertained by @s_c_ and @kanyewest because half the videos featured in this post are by them. I still haven't formed an opinion on whether or not I think it's cool that they have now played N****s in Paris a record eleven times in one concert. On one hand I'd probably go nuts if I was at the concert and they were wildin' out to the track multiple times, but to literally play it eleven times may be slightly excessive any annoying, especially if it's at the expense of other songs getting cut from the set list.

Watch the Throne related videos aside, I thought the video of @chuckisdope in studio mixing up some goodness was pretty cool to watch. Seeing producers like him in studio is like going to the zoo for me to see your favorite wild animal. You feel like you're closer to the music when you get to watch them in action behind the scenes. Hands down one of my favorite beat makers when it comes to being imaginative and unique.

Also, it was cool to hear @drake talk about how his stage presence has evolved over the years. The countdown is at t-minus 8 days to til I get to see Drake in concert for the first time in over a year. Can't wait for that and before you go thinking I missed a video, check out who is drivin' in @Chrisbrown's new video. Look familiar? #TheDoggfather
Chris Brown feat Wiz Khalifa & Big Sean - Till I Die (Video)

Kanye West & Jay-Z feat Frank Ocean - No Church in the Wild (Video)

Chuck Inglish Making a Beat in Truth Studios

Drake Talks About How His Stage Presence Has Evolved Over the Years

Kanye West & Jay-Z Performing N****s in Paris for the First Time in Paris

Kanye West & Jay-Z Performing N****s in Paris for the Eleventh Time in Paris


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