Monday, June 04, 2012

Dubstep Starts With Sub Focus

This is going to sound like a Captain Obvious moment, but man the internet is really cool. Let me explain before you stop reading because I'm wasting your time. For starters, I've made it clear that I'm trying to weave in a lot more EDM into my Hip Hop and R&B based blog. The trouble is, covering a non-Hip Hop genre on the internet can be a challenge since other forms of music aren't as readily shared as Hip Hop. I'm sure I'd get a good argument to the contrary from a writer/blogger who covers another genre, but my argument is based on the fact that since Hip Hop's inception, music has been readily produced and made available by artists for free in an attempt to make a name for themselves. In other words, when we the last time you heard a rock mixtape that a band put together and released for free on the internet?

Anyways, this week I seemed to have unlocked a treasure trove of great EDM blogs that post electronic/house/dubstep music daily. Getting back to my original point about the internet being awesome, it was as if I used the perfect search query this week in finding a particular EDM track. One thing led to another and one blog unlocked a couple great songs, which led me to Beatport and from there I found even more great new tracks that I was able to learn more about on other EDM blogs. Needless to say, this week there will be a heavy dose of great new stuff from a lot of my EDM favorites.

Kicking off the week is my pick of the litter, Sub Focus's new single featuring @kenziemayb. I found this one when I visited Skrillex's site this week when I was putting together my Bamboozle concert review. If you're not familiar with Sub Focus, he comes from the epicenter of dubstep (England) and out of all the electronic artists I've heard, he does dubstep just about as good as any I've heard. Personally, an artist who can deftly mix tempos like Sub Focus did on Falling Down should be regarded as a genre leader. At the same time, lot of the same dubstep elements of the track below sound like they were done by @Skrillex, which is a good thing.

Even better, I'm going to bet that when he toured with the @rob_swire led Pendulum back in 2010, he had to have urged them to go full EDM and form what is now @knifeparty (led by Rob Swire). Who knows if that contextual clue based educated guess was actually the case, but either way I'm really beginning to like the drum and bass that Sub Focus is able to weave together. In other words, this is probably going to be the first of many tracks I post by him...#TimeToGetFocused

Sub Focus feat Kenzie May - Falling Down


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