Friday, June 15, 2012

Videos of the Week June 15th

It's a toss up this week deciding which video was most entertaining between @RealWizKhalifa getting Punk'd by @MacMiller or @theroots, @jimmyfallon and @carlyraejepsen rocking out a bare bones edition of Call Me Maybe. One on hand I thought it was great hearing Wiz answering the question, "Have you been drinking?" with "No I smoke weed." But it was pretty clear that he knew all along that it was a set up, so that took away from the punchline a bit. Even worse, @ActuallyNPH and @Revis24 mostly evaded freaking out, leading me to gain more respect for the job @aplusk does.

On the other hand, the schoolhouse rock style acapella version of Call Me Maybe was pretty fun to watch. With all the instruments, Jimmy helping out on the vocals and The Roots jumping in head first to help out Carly, it was really cool to watch. Pretty nuts this little delight of a pop track is over the 100 million views mark on YouTube. It pays to be popular folk, don't ever underestimate that!

Oh yea don't sleep on that @DonaldGlover freestyle, dude killed it! Can't wait to see him in Philly in three weeks...#SeeYaThere

Wiz Khalifa Gets Punk'd by Mac Miller

The Roots, Jimmy Fallon & Carly Rae Jepsen Perform Call Me Maybe

Avicii - Silhouettes (Video)

Sean Kingston feat T.I. - Back 2 Life (Video)

VH1's Yo: The Story of Yo! MTV Raps (Trailer)

Childish Gambino Freestlyes for BET


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