Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"We'll Be Coming Back For You One Day"

Now that EDM has gone pop worldwide, it no longer needs to be a chest thumping club track to be successful. Sure, electronica is usually synonymous with uptempo, but tracks like the one below from @calvinharris and @example will only serve to make listeners think twice when key-holing the genre into a specific rhythm and speed.

You'll find too that when you listen to Coming Back, it'll stick with you because of the distinctness of Example's voice. It's amazing to me that he's just as much of a rapper as he is a singer because he's got sort of a raspy Chad Kroeger-esque tone to his vocals. I mean it's not too tough to sound awesome when Calvin Harris is laying down soothing electronic rhythms, but he still manages to steal the show with his spirited vocals.

Word has is the single below will be a tag team effort as both artists will be listed as leads on the track. To me, it's semantics, all I know is this is what electronic pop has evolved into and I like it...#EDMakesTheWorldGoRound

Calvin Harris & Example - Coming Back


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