Monday, March 08, 2010

"It's Like an Angel Came By and Took Me To Heaven, Cause When I Stare in Your Eyes It Couldn't Be Better..."

When it comes to teen heartthrobs it doesn't get much better (Jonas Brothers aside) than your boy Justin Bieber. I mean honestly, just look at the picture above...lil man knows how to play to his demographic. When it comes to pop ballads like his first single One Time, JB is killin' it. The harmony coming out of his voice is staggering, it's one of those things that make you double and triple take and is the reason why Usher signed him immediately after watching him sing You Got It Bad. Yea take note, 5.1 million views of that video...pretty nuts.

Anyways, this new track Never Let You Go is off his My World 2.0, which is a continuation of his debut My World EP. Similar to his first single off last album, it's another mid-tempo love ballad that allows him to shine vocally. Combine his vocals with the writing and production of two of the best behind the scenes R&B talents in B. Cox and Johnta Austin and you've got all the ingredients for a great single.

Add this to the list of songs that'll have the young ladies gettin' all hot and bothered over the Canadian icon. I swear the only thing that could ever derail this kid from becoming a legend is puberty. Keep killin' 'em Justin, I don't even fit into your target demographic, but I've still got mad respect. Give it a listen...

Justin Bieber - Never Let You Go (prod by B Cox and Johnta Austin) Hooootttt!!!


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