Monday, March 22, 2010

Drake feat The Dream - Shut it Down (Prod. By Omen & 40)

Fresh off shooting a video for his lead single Over, we get another track (albeit the unfinished version) off Thank Me Later. The album is starting to gain steam in an atmospheric rise toward being dangerously over-hyped, even by the producers working on the project like Boi-1da who wasn't afraid to call it "one of the greatest albums I've ever heard."

This is more of the BMM variety, with Drake slowin' it waaay down a la tracks like Houstonatlantavegas, A Night Off and Brand New. Not too many of his slower tracks have resulted in the acclaim as his well known hits, but he's clearly still trying to do his R&B thing on a couple tracks on the new album. Stylistically his brand of R&B comes off different in that he harminizes with some pretty edgy lyrics...for R&B at least. For example, when can you remember an R&B artist sing lyrics like this?
I got this little song for you to get ready to
Put those fuckin' heels on and work it girl
Let that mirror show you what you're doin
Put that fuckin' dress on
And work it kinda viscous like somebody takin' pictures
Shut it down, down, down
You would shut it down, down, down
You'd be the baddest girl around, round, round,
And they notice, they notice

Nonetheless, this is just another ingredient going into the 12 layer fudge cake masterpiece of an album that Thank Me Later is being hyped to be. Again, I'm choosing to reserve judgment on this track because I realize I may like this a lot more than I do right now after listening to it a few more times. Not gonna hate on the collabo though with The Dream steppin' in with a few vocals himself and putting his "Love King" stamp on this lyrically uplifting ode to women being confident in themselves.

Love or Hate it, you'll warm up to it and find a special time and place to play it and hopefully do yourself a favor and learn the lyrics beforehand. Lord knows I will...#wordisbond, #thatsmyshit, #shutitdown...

Give it a listen....
Drake feat The Dream - Shut it Down (Prod. By Omen & 40) HOTT Slow Jam!!!


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