Monday, March 29, 2010

808 Check: Gucci Mane feat Ludacris - Atlanta Zoo

Am I a fan of Gucci Man? No sir, but I do appreciate a good Luda verse because they are not even close to as few and far between as the Gucc. I realize when it comes to commercial Hip Hop, Gucci Mane is the man and has a hardcore dedicated following. My best synopsis of his appeal has to do with his lyrics and flow, which are like a cheese pizza, simple and everybody likes at least one slice or song.

Call it being accessible on a hardcore gangsta tip or even street Hip pop, he's got a formula and it works. Sticking with the analogy, I like the crust and am not a fan at all of what's on top. Just so happens that crust makes a whole lotta noise when banged out in the deck, so I can get over the simple lyrics because truth be told you can't hear shit anyways when the back window looks like a mirage through the rear view. To each their own, I'm a child of bass, so stupid dumbed down tracks like this still find their way into my playlist because at least once a week it still entertains me to rattle the trunk a bit.

Give it a listen, for a guilty pleasure, it's got an innocent side to it...

Gucci Mane feat Ludacris - Atlanta Zoo TRUNK MUSICK!!!

As a bonus I included another new LudaGucci collabo off Luda's new Battle of the Sexes album titled Party No Mo. You'll also notice, it's produced by every dash board's worst nightmare Bangladesh. Don't be fooled, this one goes just as hard as the track above...

Ludacris feat Gucci Mane - Party No Mo (prod by Bangladesh) Goes HARD!!!


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