Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Heeee's Baaaaccckkkk! T.I. - I'm Back (prod by TrackSlayerz)

What a great week...first Drake's lead single to Thank Me Later, then a new Kid Cudi Snoop Track track rumored to be produced by Dr. Dre and to cap things off we are fortunate enough to get a comeback single from the newly free T.I.P.. If you're thinking it's some run of the mill mixtape track that he quick rushed out of jail to create, think again. With an intro like this and his willingness to openly provide the track to the entire internet there's no doubt he's out to make a statement...
"I never let you down I’ma shine on sight
keep your mind on your grind and off'a mines alright
hard I'ma ball on them squares I float
quarter million dollar cars everywhere I go
I know..in the lead it may see me might be
but no matter what they doing they don’t do it like me
like a G I hold it down for the town I’m at
and I flash like that
recognize I’M BACK!
Strike a match catch a fire
Any moment I decide..."
Oooook...anybody else hear any complacency in his voice from his year long stay in Arkansas??? (crickets). For the record this blows Drake's lead single away as the most noteworthy Hip Hop track of this month, it's almost like T.I. felt the need to assert himself as Alpha Dog the second he got out of prison just in case you forgot what he brings to Hip Hop. Not to put down Drake's single, it's still legit and a solid first single, but I have a feeling he's got a lot more in store for us with tracks to come.

The irony here is Lil' Wayne's began serving his 8-13 month sentence at the Island (Rikers) today, so in a sort of tag team gesture, the torch has been passed by Lil' Wayne to T.I. as he enters jail and T.I. gets out. Despite Bun-B's somewhat outrageous comparison of Lil' Wayne to Elvis, I agree the game is gonna miss him, but there are so many great new talented Hip Hop acts, he'll only make the world of Hip Hop that much more excited to hear The Carter 4 when he gets out.

Also notable is the Trackslayerz "welcome to the world moment" with T.I. putting a lot of faith in their beats and introducing us to a new (but seemingly familiar) sound to Grand Hustle. The beat sounds like a lot of other past tracks, but the hunger and grind are back in the verses as T.I. is out to prove how he's been deprived of his living the past year. Let this be a shot over the bow...Hip Hop take notice...The King of the South is BACK!

"Strike a match, Catch a fire, see T.I add gas
What's a Molotov cocktail that never break the glass?"

T.I. - I'm Back (prod by TrackSlayerz) HHHOOOTTTTTTT!!!!


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