Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Usher feat T.I. - Guilty (prod by Ester Dean)

T.I. is making it well known that he's out of jail this month, hopping on about every track imaginable. Maybe I downplayed how big of an impact his absence was going to be the last year cause for a sec there I forgot how much I liked his flavor of Hip Hop.

This one qualifies as more of a mid-tempo ballad, centering around the only thing Usher seems to sing about...cheating, being faithful or lack thereof. It's all good though Mr. Raymond we're all a little guilty of letting girls show us a little too much love...maybe not to the scale that you're used to, but still #gamerecognizegame. Usher...only you can talk about cheating and maintain an upbeat, happy tone. This may be the only non-single standout track other than the Jim Jonsin inspired slow jam Making Love (Into the Night) that caught my attention from his new album Raymond vs Raymond. That's not really a bad thing considering how many singles he's already released the past few months and I include his new club heat rock with Will I Am titled OMG that is gonna be lighting up dance floors soon and may ultimately end up being the best track on the album (even though in my opinion it's gotta be Lil Freak).

Give it a listen and be happy Atlanta is comin' strong for 2010....next up B.O.B's Adventures of Bobby Ray due out in a month...

Usher feat T.I. - Guilty (prod by Ester Dean) Hott Collabo!!!


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