Thursday, March 04, 2010

"You Know I'm Ridin' Lac, You Know I'm Poppin' Trunk With Neon Lights Up in the Back..."

I've always been a fan of Texas Rap and the whole chopped and screwed music scene, make no mistake. From the days of the S.U.C. (Screwed Up Click) with the forever under-appreciated DJ Screw, to UGK (Bun-B and the late Pimp C) who held the torch until the more well known Mike Jones, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall arrived. Matter of fact, let's take a mid-post DJ Screw appreciation break..

That whole slowed down sound wasn't cool in anywhere until DJ Screw influenced what's now recognized as Southern Rap. The T.I.'s and Three Six Mafia's all integrated what DJ Screw started back in the early 90s. Sadly, it wasn't until shortly after Robert Davis passed away at the age of 29 that the whole US was starting to recognize the whole screwed/chopped movement.

Fast forward to today...where you have producers like Mr. Lee who have evolved the original screwed sound, while still maintaining the slowed, heavy pass of the beats. See example 1, and most notably example 2. Despite the sound moving forward the beats are still simple, heavy and slow, remaining true to the sound that preceded it.

Always been a fan of Slim Thug who brings it on the track, but as usual Luda steals the show...give it a listen...

Slim Thug ft. Ludacris, Dre Day, Kez - Rep The Dirty (prod. Mr. Lee) Hotttt!!


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