Monday, March 15, 2010

"Oh Everytime I Close My Eyes...I See My Name in Shin-ing Liiiiiggghhhtttsss"

This track had me at hello...I'm talkin' like the first 10 sec Bruno Mars (pictured above on the right) reeled me in like a poor kid just saw a $20 hit the ground. Between this track and Bruno's collabo with B.O.B., you better believe he's the next go-to R&B sensation for soulful, but radio friendly hooks.

The sound of this track is so carefree and fun, it's undeniably addictive. Sure it's more pop than R&B, but the contrast between the harmonic chorus leading into the bouncy Jamaican inspired guitar (think Dwight Pinkney) Hip Hop beat is well drawn up. At first you really don't know what to think when Bruno starts in with his "I wanna be a billionaire, sooo f'in bad and buy all of the things I never had". You don't expect to hear a soulful vocal lead in with an f bomb within' the first five words, but it's that slight edge that makes it a little more than your average pop track. It takes the bubble gum wrapping off the chorus a bit and makes it more of an attention grabbing, cool sing-along rather than a "man I can't be caught singin' this?" type of track.

Travis or Travie McCoy which he's now going by, is more well known for being the lead singer of Gym Class Heroes, but he's launching a solo album this spring titled The Lazarus Project. I'd rank this one right up there with T.I. and Drake's new singles as the three best songs to come out thus far in 2010, I really do think that highly of this track. It's lightheartedly fresh I'll call it cause you can't help but smile hearin' Bruno can actually hear the smile in his voice inflection and it's a nice touch. Enough of my rhetoric though, y'all be the judge and stop sleepin' on Bruno!!!...

"I'd probly pull an Angelina and Brad Pitt and adopt a bunch of babies that ain't neva had shit..."       - Travie McCoy

Travie McCoy feat Bruno Mars - Billionaire


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