Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heads Up Fellas...Here Come the Girls...Riding in a Truck...Headed North

Refreshing to give out a little love to one of Philly's own, an artist named Truck North. Being a protégé and frequent collaborator of the legendary and also Philly based Roots Crew is among many of his notable accomplishments. Case in point the collaboration below with The Roots which was a bonus track off of their Rising Down album released in 2008...

When you listen to the track below you'll immediately associate the Hip Hop, band driven style of beat that you'd expect to hear from Black Thought, ?uestlove or even Cody Chestnutt if you want to be thorough. The drummer boy style beginning draws you in and is immediately followed by a funky sax driven Hip Hop head nod worthy beat. Real upbeat and like an F-150, he powers through the beat keeping the energy high and living off the accessible Ernie K Doe 1970's version of Here Come the Girls. Strikingly similar to the original, almost to the point I'd ask Who Rocked it Better?, but neither song is going to become well known to the masses so it would probably end up being a rhetorical question.

If you're wanting to check out more stuff from Truck North, give a listen to his Truck Jewels mixtape. At the very least, give his breakthrough track a listen or two...

Truck North - Here Come the Girls Hoootttt!!!


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